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What are WorkShop’s hours of operation?2018-12-11T06:13:05+00:00

Saturday: Call for Availability

Sunday: Call for Availability

Monday: 8:00am—6:00pm

Tuesday: 8:00am—6:00pm

Wednesday: 8:00am—6:00pm

Thursday: 8:00am—6:00pm

Friday: 8:00am—6:00pm

More Details:

You may request an earlier start time but these are handled on a case by case basis depending on the staff scheduled for said date. Please also note that breakfast cannot be served earlier than 8:00 am unless specially requested by the event coordinator. Lastly, note that events may go past 6:00 pm on a case by case basis dependent on staff scheduled for said date.

What exaclty does “creative meeting space” mean?2016-11-13T15:38:28+00:00

WorkShop offers a unique meeting experience that will engage your team for your entire meeting. Our creative space offers comfortable furniture, bright colors, lots of natural light, large whiteboards, and plenty of toys and games to grab and hold your team’s attention. When you have meeting in your office or a location that feels like your office, expect to get the same results from your team. When you come to WorkShop, your team will temporarily stop thinking about the office pressures that distract from offsite meetings and focus on your meeting, which will lead to increased engagement and productivity!

If we’re meeting in your creative meeting space, can we bring in our own caterer?2017-02-07T20:31:29+00:00

It’s best for you to use WorkShop’s catering menu. This menu includes a variety of options prepared by six different local caterers. All of the meals are designed to fit a working business lunch or dinner and can include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options. Our lunches range between $15–$18 and inlcude delivery, tax, and tip and it’s one less thing for you have to worry about as you prepare for your meeting. If there are extenuating circumstances and you need to bring in your own food or caterer, a service charge will be applied to your bill. Contact us if you’d like a copy of our current catering menu.

Is your meeting space availble to groups, regardless who leads the meeting?2016-11-10T03:23:06+00:00

Yes! Some groups use just our space; other groups use our space and facilitators. We partner with you to create a meeting experience for your specific group and can accomodate all of your group’s needs.

What’s included in the per person price for your meeting space?2017-02-08T16:18:54+00:00

Pretty much everything you need for a productive day. The per person price includes unlimited drinks (soft drinks, water, hot tea, hot chocoloate, and coffee), unlimited snacks in the room (candy & pretzels), snack basket in the afternoon (package snacks and fresh-popped popcorn), LCD projector, screen, one flip chart, whiteboard, markers, pens, name tags, and other meeting supplies if you forget something. Extra flip charts are available for $30 per pad; photocopies are available for  $.20 per copy.

What types of payment do you take and how do the payments work?2016-11-10T03:35:48+00:00

To book meeting space and/or facilitation, we typically get your credit card information and then send you an agreement to sign and return. Once the signed agreement is returned, we charge a non-refundable deposit, which is 35% of the cost of the meeting space (minumum $250). The balance of the invoice is charged on the day of service. If you prefer to pay by check, the non-refundable deposit is due before you are officially added to our calendar and the balance is due on the day of service.

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