Pricing is simple:
Full-day: $70 per person
Half-day: $45 per person

At WorkShop, it’s all about productivity and helping you easily create an amazing meeting. So, instead of a small fee for a meeting room and then big charges for all of the extras, we charge a per person rate that includes every amenity you could possibly need. All it takes to book with WorkShop is one call or email and then we take care of the rest!

Our per-person prices include all of WorkShop’s amenities

Continental Breakfast
Free Parking and WiFi
Custom Printed Name Tags
Unlimited Drinks and Snacks
Whiteboard, Flip Chart, and Markers
Extra Meeting Supplies Available
LCD Projector and Screen
Afternoon Snack Basket
15 minute Energizer

Not to mention, WorkShop staff to support your meeting every step of the way.

Lunch is available for $15–$18 per person.

Prices include tax, delivery, and tip.
We work with our caterers to create perfect meals for gatherings of any size. We can handle all special food needs! Contact us to request our lunch menu.

To support our non-profit community, we offer a 20% non-profit discount on meeting space.

Want to book at least four meetings in the next calendar year? We’ll give you 10% off all of your meetings!

Each of our rooms has a minimum based on the number of people that best fit in the room:

Studio Room
$1,400 Full-Day/$900 Half-Day

Sky Room
$770 Full-Day/$495 Half-Day

Depot Room
$560 Full-Day/$360 Half-Day

Louisville Room
$210 Full-Day/$135 Half-Day

Board Room
$140 Full-Day/$90 Half-Day

Booking our meeting space requires a non-refundable deposit that is 35% of the cost of the room ($250 minumum).